Noise in RX with I0JXX amplifier?

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Gabriel, EA6VQ

Sun Apr 19 2009, 03:53PM
Someone having an I0JXX amplifier (1000MAC50 / Archimede) has noticed an increase of about 3dB in the noise floor when the amplifier is switched on (I mean when the main switch is on)?

I have been testing this amplifier and I don't know whether it's a common problem (PSU noise?) or something wrong in this particular unit.

I will appreciate any comments and advice.

Gabriel - EA6VQ

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Christoph, DF9CY
Tue Apr 28 2009, 11:02AM
Christoph, DF9CY
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Hi Gabriel,

I see two reasons possible for that behaviour:

1: There is a switching PSU delivering broad noise.
2: The amplifier is ON, when RXing. I had such a case with a 2m amp and I modifed that. IMO that would be a bad design ...

73 de Christoph
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Gabriel, EA6VQ
Mon Jun 15 2009, 03:16PM
Gabriel, EA6VQ
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The problem was fixed by the technical support and the amplifier is working now perfectly well.

I want to thank Nico and Salvador (Falcon Radio) for their super support and interest in looking into my problem and fixing it in a record time.

Just a comment from a happy customer.
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Trev, EA5ISZ
Tue Jun 16 2009, 10:08AM
Trev, EA5ISZ

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Out of interest Gabriel, what was causing the noise increase?
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