WSPR (MEPT_JT) beacons ???

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Christoph, DF9CY

Mon Apr 21 2008, 08:38AM
Hi all

In these years the TV band I transmitters are closing down. On one side this helps getting the band less noisier on the other side we are losing powerful "beacons".

After playing around with WSPR/MEPT_JT on 40m and 30m throughout the last days, I thought it might be helpful to have a sort of beacons running in a small say 200 Hz segment. Running with 50W into a dipole would make it powerful enough for propagation studies worldwide.

This is only an idea not even a proposal. No idea where to place them and which band segment.

73 de Christoph
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Dai, G8FXM
Fri Apr 25 2008, 04:18PM

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Just downloaded WSPR and it looks very interesting. I think we should lobby for a spot frequency for this, but maybe not in the beacon segment but the MGM segment. Anyone else have any proposals?
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Christoph, DF9CY
Sat Apr 26 2008, 07:16AM
Christoph, DF9CY
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OK Dave,

for the moment 50.293 MHz (Dial frequency) is favoured.
Have a look at

73 Christoph
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Hans, OE1SMC
Sun Jan 24 2010, 06:24PM
Hans, OE1SMC
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hi all

maybe allready known, oe1ifm gernot did build a hardware wspr beacon. one of his beacons is placed in V5 Namibia and operating as V53ARC. here detailed infos at his homepage in english:

the beacon is also working in the 6 m band.

73 de hans


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