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Adrian, G0KOM

Mon Nov 03 2008, 02:20PM
Hi I have a Kenwood TS-690S which is gone south, the radio was working perfectly and is still working perfectly as an RX, but the TX has gone south, the general consensus is on a couple of american forums that the DDS chip has failed, this is a SM chip so Im led to believe, Ive e-mailed a couple of UK dealers but no responses, I dont want to scrap this radio as its in good condition has worked perfectly from new (for the previous owner) and has the CW and SSB filters installed, the symptoms are as follows, when on TX for instance if I Tx above 50.070 I can pick up my transmission on about 50.700, if I go below 50.070 I will be txing on the top end of 49mhz, same goes on HF if for instance I TX above 14.070 I will be received on 14.700 ish, and again if I TX below 14.070 it will be just on the top end of 13mhz, anyone recommend someone/someplace where I can send this to have it looked at

73 de Adrian

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Ade, M5ADE
Mon Nov 03 2008, 03:44PM
Ade, M5ADE
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Hi Adrian
I would recommend Castle Electronics in Stourbridge. I know a lot of the well known dealers use them as I have on a couple of occasions.
I'm not sure if the details below are current, but a start !.

Castle Electronics
Unit 20
Wolverhampton Business Airport
West Midlands DY7 5DY
Telephone: 01384 221036


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Peter, G3SMT
Wed Nov 05 2008, 11:26AM
Peter, G3SMT
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Hi Adrian,
I have also heard good reports of Castle but they have moved so here are their contact details. It may be worth a try at unplugging each connector and board to remove the possibility of a dirty contact as this does happen with age. It would appear that the DDS is working and may be that it isn't receiving the correct information from the processor.

Best of luck


Pool Road
Llanfair Caereinion
Nr Welshpool
SY21 0HN

Tel: 01938 810778
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Adrian, G0KOM
Sun Nov 09 2008, 02:15PM
Adrian, G0KOM
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Thanks Peter and Ade, I will give them a ring on Monday, but will have a go at checking the connectors Peter and report back
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