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Darrell, G0HVQ

Wed Oct 01 2008, 06:46PM
It's a bit quiet around here (and on 6m) so thought I'd look through my propagation notes, and came across this from 7 years ago:

26 Oct DU1EV (PK40), VK6RSX/B
27 Oct 9M2TO (OJ05), YB5QZ
28 Oct EK6AD (LN20)
30 Oct VU2ZAP, 9G5AN, 9M2TO, D44TC, UN5PR, J28FF, E30NA
31 Oct XW0X (OK18)

That XW QSO still counts as my best 6m DX, maybe my best DX ever, although IO81-KO28 (ES6RQ) on 2m Es was pretty special 2 years ago

Roll on the sunspots....when you're ready guys, we're waiting...

Darrell G0HVQ
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Trev, EA5ISZ
Thu Oct 02 2008, 12:19PM
Trev, EA5ISZ

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Hi Darrell, yes it is quiet but until the sun perks up I suppose its to be expected. Your post brought back memories of Nov 89 which for me was the best propagation I have seen on 6m. I was like a kid in a sweet shop for days on end with new prefixes popping up every few minutes it seemed! from memory, we had 46 days of almost continuous openings to the USA; so much so that if a swift tune around resulted in nothing more than East and mid West USA then it was time to get some work done around the house Happy Days!
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Darrell, G0HVQ
Fri Oct 03 2008, 04:16PM
Darrell, G0HVQ
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Yes, Nov89 was my first experience of 6m F2.

ZC4MK (hi Adrian) on 5th Nov then wall-to-wall US stations from the 11th onwards.... as you say, like a kid in a sweet shop Hopefully it'll be like that again in 3/4 years time.
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