SOLAR CYCLE 24 appearing to STALL. TAKE 3.

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Steve, VK3OT

Fri Aug 22 2008, 07:37AM
I was being cheeky.

But in all opinion I doubt if I will ever work Europe again from this location based on the previous 30 years experience from here as I watched the F2 layer open up for me in 1979-1982, 1989-1992 and again from 1997-2001.
On the scale of minimas and the years I did not work JA in a minima 1985&1986 and every year from 1987-2006 I worked over 7000 km N/S
This now is the longest period I have gone in over 30 years not working into JA and the longest period since 1913 that no spots have occured on the sun.
Last summer was an aberation with elayer to Malaysia and one qso with a 1kw station in JA.

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Steve, G4WCS
Fri Aug 22 2008, 07:47AM
Steve, G4WCS
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What a cheery prediction !!
so lack of propogation will be the least of our worries then
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David, MM0AMW
Fri Aug 22 2008, 12:15PM
David, MM0AMW
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You can follow all the latest news, views and discussions on SC24 on Kevin VE3EN's excellent site It's maybe a bit early to say but SC24 isn't quite 'co-operating' as planned. Maybe we'll never see F2 on 6m again in our lifetime if some of the worst predictions come true. I could just about stomach a bad cycle 24 and 25 but (god willing) I plan to be retired in time for SC26

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Simon, M3SWK
Fri Aug 22 2008, 07:42PM
Simon, M3SWK
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Doh, and ive just had a new beam for 6m.
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Steve, VK3ZAZ
Sat May 11 2013, 09:52PM
Steve, VK3ZAZ
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So where is EUROPE on the scale of things?
One really imaginative report from UX to VK4 and UK9AA in Uzbekistan worked some TOP END VKs.
VK6RSX heard finally


funny about that once the low band tv went I think dx went with it.

Here is my faltry lot this cycle

Same W4s and W5s as last time



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