50.110 and all that stuff.

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Steve, VK3OT

Thu Aug 21 2008, 03:45AM
Hi to all those who weathered the Cycle 22 and Cycle 23 debarcles of the use and abuse of 110.
We made it despite when calling for DK6 being answered by a VK6.
With EU-VK we made contact where they fell. 111 116 116.7 1107.7 101.7 wherever.
Did 110 work for you?
115.7 CW for VK9XI worked well except a few VK's who got pissed off that I was close to 110.
What do yo think about DXP's on 115?

We did some pretty good stuff despite. Well done to those who got through.
See ya next time to those who did not.
Stay alert.

Nice photo of a dead flat racoon on 110

Get the drift?


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Steve, G4WCS
Thu Aug 21 2008, 09:26AM
Steve, G4WCS
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Nice one- I particularly like the overlay of VK onto EU- sort of puts things into perspective.

The only thing I find myself doing on .110 is listenening to atmospheric noise- looking forward to better things !!
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