Bad audio reports while mobile.

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Andy, G7SQW

Tue Aug 12 2008, 07:37PM
Just wondered if anyone has had the same problem as me on 6m.
I run all bands from 80m to 6m mobile and have good success except on 6m as people tell me I have very bad audio but only on this band.
I use an ic 706, heil traveller headset and either a 2m 5/8 or a pro-am 6m mono band whip.
All my mounts are grounded very well and I have no problems even down on 80m with my outbacker outreach antenna.
Thanks for looking and I would appreciate any advice and help.
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Steve, G4WCS
Wed Aug 13 2008, 02:32PM
Steve, G4WCS
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possibly RF getting back into the set via the microphone connection. try clamp on ferrites on all leads into the radio
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Andy, G7SQW
Wed Aug 13 2008, 04:32PM
Andy, G7SQW
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Thanks Steve for taking the time to reply to my post I really appreciate it and will give a go at the weekend.
Hopefully this will cure the problem and I will be all OK again.
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Ian, G5WQ
Wed Aug 13 2008, 07:42PM
Ian, G5WQ
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hi andy
as steve said above, try clamp on ferrites on mic lead .
if you have earphones or an extension speaker, try removing this and check if rf pickup is still present .

sometimes having an extension speaker fitted can be the problem , my TS60 was prone to this .

try altering the length of the coax feedline, add to or shorten it and see what occurs .

if you have coax joiners in the feedline you can play with differing line lengths ans will probably find one that suits and doesnt pickup rf .

coil the coax into a choke near to the feedpoint somewhere , as many turns as you can but anything around 4-6turns of 4" diameter if its rg58 , you can also fit clamp on ferrites to the feedline near the feedpoint .

i use an FT100-D with a HI-Q antennas 3-80 screwdriver [which tunes 6m when near to the 40m setting ] .
the only problem i get is with the radio coming through into the ICE speakers , but i just switch the cd/radio off to stop that .

i know your frustration though .
73 ian
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