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Trev, EA5ISZ

Mon Jun 16 2008, 02:44PM
I'm afraid this may not translate very well for anyone outside the UK or not interested in Amateur Radio in the 1970s. It certainly raised a smile back then and, sure enough, a quick google proved that someone had saved it for posterity


AMMES : Fearsome inhabitants of Ammeland.

THE JAITS : Mysterious primitive tribe from the Dark Zone. Serfs of
the Klarsays.

THE KLARSAYS : A dominant body of advanced beings, considered
intellectually superior to the Jaits.RIPITA : God of the Jaits.

LORJIK : The all - seeing mind of Ripita.

JEETUS AND JEETHRIS : Elders of the tribe of Klarsays.

JEEFAWS : Young, newly - blooded warriors of the Klarsay tribe.

MAWSE : Supreme God of the Klarsays.

KUSOS : Conversations, futile and unintelligible to aliens, between
individual Ammes. Jaits speak in Phoney, Klarsays either in Phoney or
in the monotonous tongue of their God, Mawse. Kusos consist largely of
technicalities interspersed with phrases such as "yertherejim",
"orsunnink","seeyerfurdownlog" and "Krystitsblownup".

EFFEM, AYEM AND ESESBEE : Amme dialects of the language Phoney. KAY : Erotic slavegirl of the God Ripita. Often violated by Jammas.

O'MOFFIS : Celtic patron saint of all Ammes.

JAMMAS : An alien group of single - cell creatures intent on bringing
about the downfall of Ripita. Largely ignored by O'Moffis, but
despised and hunted by Jaits and Klarsays alike.

Translation available on request idea.gif

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Brendan, G4DYO
Tue Jun 17 2008, 07:21AM
Brendan, G4DYO
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Any more of that, Mr Day, and it'll be the Wouff-hong and Rettysnitch for you!!
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Trev, EA5ISZ
Tue Jun 17 2008, 09:43AM
Trev, EA5ISZ

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LOL! Thanks Brendan. I have to admit to needing to look up Rettysnitch although, bizarrely, I am familiar with the Wouff-hong! I am tempted to observe that it is not the sort of instrument that I would wish to sit on
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Steve, G4WCS
Tue Jun 17 2008, 03:18PM
Steve, G4WCS
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being a mere jeefaw it took me a while to work out- but very funny
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Paul, G4CLJ
Wed Jun 18 2008, 09:51AM
Paul, G4CLJ
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Is there any news on the Jezerros, the tweezoes, and the near extinct jtooplustoos ? Paul a ex jait
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