Does Ol' Sol know something we don't?

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Brendan, G4DYO

Wed Jun 04 2008, 08:10AM
Just as people were starting work on those 10-el Quads for 6m, there are nagging suspicions about Cycle 24. A month or two back the arrival of Cycle 24 was being heralded and scientists were suggesting it might be a real knee-trembler.

Unfortunately, long periods with zero sunspots are now producing a few bitten fingernails and this article does nothing to relieve the anxiety:

Of course it's all wrong.... it must be.... mustn't it?? In a couple of years we'll all be working VK at S9+ using 6m handhelds... won't we?? P-l-e-a-se!!

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Trev, EA5ISZ
Wed Jun 04 2008, 09:33AM
Trev, EA5ISZ

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There have certainly been conflicting views on the outcome of Cycle 24 over recent months but I'm not too concerned yet. After all, we are at pretty much the bottom of the Cycle at present so a lack of spots is not really an unexpected occurrence. Personally, I like the prediction by Mausumi Dikpati and the team at NASAs High Altitude Observatory. It was made about 18 months ago, but they came up with a simulation based upon circulating currents within the sun (on a similar line to major ocean currents on earth) that both follows the patterns of earlier Cycles when used retrospectively and also predicts a large Cycle 24 peaking in 2012. I hope they are right
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Mike, VK6MB
Wed Jun 04 2008, 01:51PM
Mike, VK6MB
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Brendan, G4DYO wrote ...

In a couple of years we'll all be working VK at S9+ using 6m handhelds... won't we?? P-l-e-a-se!!

I hope so
73 Mike
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VK4ABW, Gary
Thu Jun 05 2008, 11:19PM
VK4ABW, Gary
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and why not? cycle 23 produced some very good contacts. +20db from Townsville to many places within the UK. Just be ready because when it happened.....there were no indicators !!

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