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Mon Sep 01 2014, 04:24PM

I came across a new (to me) WinKey Server software application written by Andy, G4KNO. This WinKey software application acts as a cwdaemon so will be useful to Linux users out there looking for an alternative to cwdaemon etc. The nice thing about jWinkeyServer is that it's writte in Java so it should work on all platforms that support Java, including Windoze crazy.gif

If your looking for software to work with your K1EL keyer and are seeking for an alternative to cwdaemon (Linux users) that I'd recommend giving jWinkeyServer a try. Also if you have a K2EL keyer or any cwdaemon compatable keyer and are looking for an alternative application, no matter what the operating system jWinkeyServer should work for you.
Please visit the following website for more info:

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