First indications of change for the better?

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Mon Mar 03 2014, 06:17PM

As we all know, the sun did not live up to expectations for cycle 24.
There are a couple of indications showing the sun might come back stronger in the next cycle.

The most important sign is magnetfield for sunspots. It seems to have stopped decreasing.

Another sign is the second peak of Cycle 24 has relatively high activity, compared to the first peak. The last few cycles the second peak has been clearly lower than the first.
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Andy, G0VUH
Tue Mar 04 2014, 09:50AM
Andy, G0VUH
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Thanks Per,
Its all very interesting, I think there will be a double peak in the current cycle 24 and some good things to come in 2014
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Mon Mar 10 2014, 01:40PM
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Fingers crossed Andy. The next year will give more confirmation where the sun is heading

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