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Andy, G0VUH

Tue Feb 25 2014, 02:53PM
Hi Guys,
After an absence of a couple of years I'm now back on six and ready for this year. Up on the mast is a new three element cubical quad, really looking forward to trying the antenna out. Also coming in late spring is a new Gemini 6mt amp to give me 300w. I will mainly be operating 100w in SSB and some DATA modes. Just re-joined UKSMG as well so glad to be back. I'm at 125ASL and the mast will be up at 40ft, would be nice to have any skeds with local ops if I can see how the antenna is working i'm in IO93JI
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Andy, G0VUH
Wed Feb 26 2014, 06:33PM
Andy, G0VUH
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What a friendly bunch, 26 views but not one hello, or a bit about yourself, the world would be a better place if everyone said good morning to there neighbours or strangers.
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