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New Six Metre App

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Mon Sep 02 2013, 10:46AM

Paul, G4DCV has adapted his KST app for 144MHz Android app for European 50MHz.
This version of his app calls the following web sites:
  • ON4KST
  • UKSMG Announcements
  • UKSMG 50MHz DX Cluster
  • UKSMG UK Cluster
  • MMM MUF Map
  • MMM Es Summary Map
  • FM/TV Es Log Map
  • G7RAU LiveMUF Member's Area
  • Hepburn Tropo Maps
  • ACE Solar Wind Speed Dials
  • N0UK EME Chat
There are two version V1 is ideal for small screen Android devices e.g. Smartphones whereas V2 is ideal for larger screened devices like tablets.  The app is not available from Google Play, but can be downloaded from Paul's website at the following url:
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