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Sun May 25 2008, 11:01AM
Has anyone come across qrm from street lights? if so what did you do?

Not sure who I can speak to about this

Recently some of the street lights around my area have had new Bulbs installed and these are a lot brighter and fling the light out wider but the qrm they cause me is unreal

Every evening when they switch on 9:45pm they generate 5 s points of noise on my radio. When they switch off at 4:30 am the noise drops

So my once quiet location has now become noisy. I can turn my antenna away from them and the noise does drop due to the new bulbs not installed in the street lights in that direction but I guess all bulbs will be replaced soon.

I have also noticed an increase in noise from houses near by probably all the new tvs and electrical equipment

so looks like my radio hobby is now slowly going down the plug hole unless I can move in to the country away from the noise pollution

any advice?
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Peter, G3IBI
Mon May 26 2008, 07:46AM
Peter, G3IBI
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Stu , I suspect your local council have replaced the whole street lamp complete with new control gear. The old control gear was probably an electromagnetic ballast which is normally very quiet from an RFI point of view. The new generation of so called "green" electronic ballasts are now being used and this could be the source of your noise problems. Hope that helps . Regards Peter G3IBI
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Mon May 26 2008, 12:33PM
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Thanks Peter I had a few other emails on this subject and most are saying the same as yourself. I will be doing some more test over the coming days and once I have all my info I will approach the lighting department and see if they can help. I might have to put it in as a fault first to get them to look at the lights.

Another interesting thing is a neighbour has changed her freeview antenna twice in a few days as she's getting break up on her picture I haven't said anything to her yet but I suspect its the lights again causing this as she is closer to the lights than myself.

I just hope its one or two lights that are causing this and not all of them and maybe the Lighting department will be able to sort the fault if its a fault.

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