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Rob, M0DTS

Sat Apr 07 2012, 01:59PM
Hi All,

I'm planning on running a personal beacon to try some backscatter radar tests after recent mention of the system in RadCom.

For now i have resided at 50.433500 carrier with chirp/shift to 50.435500 but can go anywhere as it is DDS generated, currently 8W into HB9CV wherever my antenna beaming. Eventually i hope to have it automated and rotating 360 during a 15min period. Frequency is sourced from 10MHz gps referenced oscilator so should be accurate, the start of each chirp is on the second. FSK ID is every 5 minutes at present but will change during development.

I know this is the middle of the new beacon segment but there's not a lot else there for now so think i should be ok this season...

Any comments appreciated.



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Mark, G0NMY
Fri Apr 27 2012, 10:43AM
Mark, G0NMY
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Hi Rob
I have not seen the article in radcom but had a look on the VK Logger forum and the results look very interesting.
from what I gather the hardest bit is down to accurate timing on the receiving end, and compensating for delays
If the difference between the GPS clocks can be calculated
Couldnt an adjustment be made in the software to alter the recieve clock by the difference between the two stations
so both clocks could be syncronised could the clock data be say sent out over the internet or maybe added to the transmit signal to be detected and then set at the recieving end or am i completely off base and confusing myself (now that isnt hard) :crazy:
Anyway it looks like a good project I will be interested in seeing your results in due time. >:D
Cheers Mate 73's Mark
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