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Alex, G7KSE

Thu Mar 01 2012, 08:46PM
So I fancy dipping my toe in contest land but where to start? I'd like something like a backpackers contest where I can use my locality (lake district) to my advantage. Is there a backpackers type contest this year? i had a look for one on the calendar but couldn't spot one? If not anything else that would suit someone who is happy hiking up a big hill as long as I'm not up there for 24 hours

All suggestions welcome


Alex, g7kse
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Dai, G8FXM
Thu Mar 01 2012, 09:16PM

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How about a PW Contest, check out Or you could go portable in the UKSMG contest, there is a 6 hour category. More info at

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Alex, G7KSE
Mon Mar 05 2012, 03:03PM
Alex, G7KSE
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I'll give them a looking at. Thanks Dai. One way or another I'll get involved in one or two this season.
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