Hy-gain VB-64DX 4 Element Beam

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Chris, G4AYT.

Tue Feb 28 2012, 12:06PM
I have just aquired one of these from Radioworld in the West Midlands. It took six weeks to arrive and cannot be assembled. It came with a bag of parts - every single one of which (21 'sets') is incorrect, either the part is actually missing, in the wrong quantity, or not fit for purpose. The bag also contained numerous parts that are not required - according to the assembly instructions.
Needless to say, I shall not be purchasing anything from Hy-gain again. Have others had a similar experience?
73, Chris, G4AYT.
Update: This antenna was sold as having an N-connector, it does not, it uses solder tags. New correct bag of parts eventually received. Still not satisfied with this product.

[ Edited Tue Apr 10 2012, 01:47PM ]
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Hans, LA2MOA
Mon Jul 01 2013, 09:23AM
Hans, LA2MOA
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Hi Chris!

Hy-Gain, as a brand, has been totally destryed after the MFJ takeover of the company. Hy-Gain is now, together with Cushcraft and a few other well known brands, a victim of MFJ's infamous "quality control". Needless to say, MFJ is the "Ryan Air" of amateur radio...

Yes, I have experience with newer Hy-Gain and Cushcraft antennas, and my desicion is the same as yours: Never again.

However, I'm lucky enough to have an "old" VB64-DX, mad by the real Hy-Gain company, not by MFJ. Hope that you got a full refund.

73's de Hans / LA2MOA
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Chris, G4AYT.
Fri Jul 05 2013, 01:34PM
Chris, G4AYT.
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Hi Hans and thanks for your interesting comments. I didn't know the company had been taken over by MFJ. Round here they are known as More Flipping Junk, although I have heard a lesss than polite word used for the 'F'!!
Cheers, Chris, G4AYT.
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