Japan to Australia Openings on 6m WSPR

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Leigh, VK2KRR

Tue Nov 08 2011, 04:03AM
G'day, BIG opening at the moment on 6m WSPR (and voice) from eastern Australia to Japan.
No signals less than +4dB on WSPR at the moment from here with 20W or less.
Ive just moved my TX to 2 Watts, we'll see what happens.

.....04:00 VK2KRR 50.294551 +4dB 0 QF34mr 2W JQ1HDR QM05bu 7941km

04:00 VK4XV 50.294589 +1 0 QG62mp 5 JQ1HDR QM05bu 7158
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