6m in France

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Murray, G6JYB

Tue Oct 04 2011, 10:38PM
Google maybe needed to translate this for you but France may be heading towards a more liberal 6m regime


Murray G6JYB
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Trev, EA5ISZ
Wed Oct 05 2011, 01:57PM
Trev, EA5ISZ

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Excellent news Murray, lets hope that our friends in Germany follow before long.
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Murray, G6JYB
Thu Oct 06 2011, 11:48PM
Murray, G6JYB
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Now a fuller News item on the French Society (REF-Union) website which indicates the legal change process to liberalise 6m in France (which may take a while) has started:-

The decision of Prime Minister is published in the Official Journal, the 50MHz is validated TNRBF.

Caution: as in the 7 MHz, a stage was reached, with more to come, but the process moves forward.

ARCEP tells us:

I inform you that the order dated October 4, 2011 amending the national picture of distribution of frequency bands includes provisions adopted by the Planning Commission frequencies ANFR of March 4, 2011, on the band 50 - 52 MHz.

Thus, the decree states that the band 50-52 MHz is allocated to the amateur service in Region 1, a secondary basis.

As indicated during our meeting on September 30, ARCEP is preparing a draft decision establishing the conditions for spectrum use by radio stations of the amateur, which seeks to remove the conditions previously associated with the use of the band 50.2 to 51.2 MHz, and assign all of the band 50-52 MHz to the amateur service in Region 1 on a secondary basis.

Implementation by radio amateurs of the new provisions relating to the 50-52 MHz band must await approval by order of the Minister responsible for electronic communications, the ARCEP decision, and its publication in the Official Journal of the French Republic.


Florence Erpelding
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