Icom IC575 illumination

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Phil, G7BZD

Fri Jul 29 2011, 04:12PM
Anyone got a few good pointers on replacing the failed illumination on my IC575.
One end of the frequency display is lit but the S meter and the other half of the display is not.

Hoping, when i have time to strip it all down and replace failed bulbs? with LEDs.
Any ideas would be greatfully received.


[ Edited Fri Jul 29 2011, 04:14PM ]
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Graham, G3TCT
Tue Aug 02 2011, 05:05PM
Graham, G3TCT
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Hi Phil
I've got a 575 and it's a bit of a pain to replace the lamps - very fiddly as the rig isn't the best for easy maintenance. I opened up the rig, disconnected all plugs and sockets, removed the screen, then removed all knobs and front panel. The tuning knob is secured with a 5/64 Allen key. Last time I did this I had 3 screws left over at the end!
Good idea about replacing with LEDs. There are 4 bulbs altogether.
Graham G3TCT
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Phil, G7BZD
Tue Aug 02 2011, 05:43PM
Phil, G7BZD
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Thought by the deluge of replies this ones going to be diffigult, yes they will be LEDs.

Thanks have had a brief look, so its a winter job.

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