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6M newbie - nothing heard!

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David, G8LZE
Fri Jun 24 2011, 10:22AM
David, G8LZE
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Nice one Stuart.
PSK31 is much under used on 6. There have been a couple of initiatives to try and stimulate activity but without too much success.
When conditions are good so many spend their time on SSB but there are nearly always surprises on digital modes. I don't use PSK much but last year I had an RTTY QSO with ST2AR and SV9 together with SSTV exchanges with a couple of stations in HA.
When you have time perhaps you could look at WSPR, a mode designed for low power operation and starting to get more usage on 50 MHz.
Enjoy 6 and many more QSOs to you.
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Stuart, G6IMT
Mon Jun 27 2011, 12:27PM
Stuart, G6IMT
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And now, finally, my first voice contact - 5&5 with Spain (JN00HR). Happy camper now, especially as it was using 5W and a half wave dipole made from scrap wire and choc-blocs taped to an old fishing rod that I made yesterday. It's all of 8' off the ground

Also another PSK31 contact with another EA station a few minutes later. Tried but failed to get EA6/M0DLL in JN20BA (SSB) - fairly rare square I reckon? Also just heard some SSTV which is another first on 6 for me but not a mode I've ever used.

OK on WSPR Dave, I'm aware of it but that's about all. It's on my list of things to look at.

Think I'll sort a HB9CV next..and I'll have to start acting my age and stop getting so excited! Mind you, it's nice to get excited at my age


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