Forum users and members poll to decide what sections are in the 2012 contest and beyond?

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Peter, G7ETZ

Sat Jun 04 2011, 09:27PM
Every year it seems to me that we get comments about what sections there are available in the UKSMG contest.

As a fairly old hand at this contest I have my own, which I'll not go into at the moment.

!thought I just thought that the UKSMG group may like to take time before next years rules are decided to give everyone a chance to express their opinions by having a poll on the website.

BTW - It's been a good contest so far this year !phobes - Peter

[ Edited Sun Jun 05 2011, 08:02AM ]
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Trev, EA5ISZ
Sun Jun 05 2011, 01:45PM
Trev, EA5ISZ

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Agreed Peter as we discussed a while ago. I'll ensure we get the chance to get everyone interested to express their opinion but probably in a few weeks once I have dealt with the bulk of the incoming contest logs. It'll more likely be a discussion forum than a poll to get every shade of opinion. The result will determine the way ahead and, if there are some close calls, then perhaps a specific poll may be necessary. Its in my diary for next month
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