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Trev, EA5ISZ

Thu Feb 24 2011, 11:59AM

Hi All, if you haven't already done so this morning, a swift look at the Standings Table will show a fully updated table with more functionality than you could shake a stick at! Dave G8FXM has finally completed the overhaul of the table and here is an overview of the enhancements:
  1. All of the dark blue text indicates that further information can be obtained by clicking on that area.
  2. All columns may now be sorted in either ascending or descending order. A second click will change from one to the other.
  3. Clicking on an individual call-sign will take you straight to the QRZ entry for that call.
  4. The search facility will allow you search for almost anything in the table. Eg. Searching on "5ele" will bring up all those using a 5 ele antenna; likewise searching on "Dave" will bring up those operators with that name.
  5. Two buttons have appeared at the upper left of the table. [PDF] will export the table to a file in pdf format. Likewise [XLS] will export the table to an Excel spreadsheet.
  6. Three buttons are shown in the upper right of the Table. The first [Show All] will redisplay all of the table entries. The second, [Clear Sort]; this can be used where, for example, you have searched for all 5 ele users, then wish to further sort those in any column order. [Clear Sort] will return to the default order. The third button is an [Advanced Search] when a very specific search criteria can be used. This latter button is likely to be more useful as and when the table size increases.
  7. The [Update] button, available at the top and bottom of the table, remains a simple way to ensure your data is kept up to date. The entry form is easy to fill in and you only need to display what information you want others to see. Once your data is entered, your own entry will remain highlighted whenever you re-visit the page.
  8. Last is the [Reset All] button, located next to the search box. When all else fails, or you just want to quickly display the table in its default format, then this button will get you there.
As mentioned earlier, some of these functions will really become useful once the table expands; others are useful now and certainly make it a much more interactive and therefore interesting table.

If you haven't already done so, why not make an entry now.

Many thanks to Dave for the work in getting this together.

[ Edited Thu Feb 24 2011, 01:28PM ]
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