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Dave, GW4ZAR

Sun Nov 21 2010, 11:43AM
Can someone of sound mind please give me a valid reason why the RSGB Contests Committee has decided that contacts made outside of the UK will not count as multiplier squares in the UKAC contests in 2011? The contests run concurrently with continental contests, to the best of my knowledge, so are other contest committees going to take a similar insular view? Is it a fact that how things pan out on higher, and very higher, frequencies mean that people that work out of Kent or East Anglia have an advantage and some don't like that? .... or do we also take the view that someone with a 1/4 wave vertical and 5 watt capability want the 'playing field' to favour them?
After some consultation I shall approach the RSGB Contests Committee chairman for a reason but I think, with respect to 6m and 2m operations, the decision is somewhat flawed.
UKAC 50MHz contesting is a good magnet to 'pull people onto the band' ..... don't introduce obstacles to advancement.
When I contest I hope I get an A for effort and E's for my efforts.
73 Dave
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Graham, G3ZOD
Thu Nov 25 2010, 09:26PM
Graham, G3ZOD
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Why not go ahead now and give them chance to explain?

73 de Graham G3ZOD FISTS #8385

[ Edited Thu Nov 25 2010, 09:27PM ]
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David, G8LZE
Fri Nov 26 2010, 09:36AM
David, G8LZE
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I guess everyone has different reasons for entering contests. From my point of view I look at it rather like playing golf. There is a set of rules which one has to follow and it is hoped that by experience and honing ones technique ones score improves. The overall result will depend where you live, how much real estate you own, how sympathetic the local planning authority is, your fiscal position, your operating ability/efficiency and using the correct tactics for the band conditions.

I do not know what the contest committee had in their mind when introducing the UKAC rule changes for 2011, but would like to know so please post any answer when you get one. In the meantime I will resurrect my niblick in readiness for the 2011 season.

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Paul, G4RRA
Sun Apr 10 2011, 04:55PM
Paul, G4RRA
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I think you will find the reasoning behind it is pretty straightforward,and the clue is in the contest title: "UK Activity contest",the idea being to encourage UK activity.Now if you want multipliers its no good just sticking the beam out to the east and using PA/ON/DL have to beam inland to places like IO72, IO64, or even GM to get those elusive mults!
Personally I think its a great idea,it encourages UK activity from stations who would otherwise turn on,tune about,find nobody at all because everyone is beaming east,and then go QRT.
I must admit I am a little biased however, living as I do, down in the West country
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