6m Bazooka - New to 6!

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James, G0FHM

Thu May 27 2010, 07:05PM
Hi Guys,

I had a dabble with E's on 6 a few years back, using my '857 and loading up my Carolina Windom (40m) with the ATU.

However, in an attempt to get away from some of the local "CB" type operation on 2m/70cm (which is now beginning to extend down onto 4m also), I have decided to go 6m FM, with a GE Rangr.

I'm looking for a design (more importantly dimensions) to make a 6m "Double Bazooka", that I can run as a vertical, and encase in white 20mm overflow tubing, the same as my 4m antenna, that was made for me by a local who has now gone QRT.

Can anyone point me to a design?

I cant really do much else, as I'm limited by the M.I.S.S.E.S (Ministry of Inspection for Small, Stupid & Extreme Structures) as to what I can do... I ran the 6m design past them, and didnt get the usual "paddy", so I assume I can put it up!

Any advice appreciated!


James G0FHM
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