50 MHz Back-Scatter Chirp Radar Project

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VK6KXW, Peter

Tue Apr 13 2010, 01:43AM
50 MHz Back-Scatter Chirp Radar Project

Full credit goes to Andrew VK3OE originator who has held the hands of us others and
continues along with Wolf DL4YHF to iron out the bugs.
There are now 4 stations capable of utilizing the back scatter chirp radar here in Australia.
The other stations at this time are
VK6KXW Peter
VK5PJ Peter

Equipment ranges from 50w to 400w out, modest aerials of 5 el yagi's
to Gary's 13 element on 6m.
Modes of operation vary according to the operator, the same applies to
what band also [works ok on HF as well].
Bi-static [easiest] to mono-static [hardest on equipment demands].

Two of the group have seen multiple hops displayed across to North America
from the eastern sea board of Australia on 6m.

Dubus magazine will publish Andrews article soon.

To read what/how about those darn colonial Aussies again .... surf here and read ...

under Digital Modes.

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