Circuit for 6m 5 watt linear?

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Ian, G4JQT

Thu Mar 18 2010, 10:45AM
Hello there!

For some time now I've been looking for a design for a home-brew QRP-ish linear.

I have about 100mW of drive. The most promising circuit so far seems to be the IRF610 linear in RadCom Handbook 10th edition fig 5.26 page 5.12.

I used IRF510 and also IRF513, not the specified IRF610 as these were what I had and spec seemed close enough. But they self-destructed when the drive was removed!

I have looked on this forum searching for 'linear' for some clues, but found nothing.

A solid-state circuit 12 volts is preferred, but anything considered.

Thanks and regards,

Ian, G4JQT

[ Edited Thu Mar 18 2010, 10:45AM ]
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David, G8LZE
Thu Mar 18 2010, 01:14PM
David, G8LZE
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Afternoon Ian, Not exactly what you are looking for but: and look interesting.

Also, Spectrum Communications do a range of PA kits for their transverters which may provide the basis of a solution. I suspect the IRFs were destroyed due to self oscillation.
Good luck,
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Steve, G4WCS
Thu Mar 25 2010, 11:07AM
Steve, G4WCS
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Ian, Ive a set of PW meon documentation taht covers the construction of a linear- alternatively how about a CB "burner" with the tuned circuits tweaked these can be picked up off ebay for less than the cost of a good RF power transistor
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