What is your best 'second antenna' ??

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Mark, PA5MW

Sat Mar 06 2010, 10:39AM
Soon the new Es season will start. I wonder which of you can share their experience on what kind of backyard antenna you use as 'second antenna'?

- it must be small and/or unobtrusive
- it must hear well in other direction(s) as your yagi is currently pointed

In these past years I have tried the following 'second antennas':

1. half wave vertical at 5mtre AGL
Proved noisy and received just as bad in every direction.

2. 1,5 Wavelength inverted vee at 4mtrs AGL
Should have lobes in 4 directions but in practise never offered anything substantial.

Both experimental 'second antennas' were intended for covering other directions as my yagi is pointed. However, in practise these never offered anything substantial more than the back or sidelobe pattern of my yagi.
Sure my yagi is up on the roof at 13mtrs AGL and height is key, but I have no more room on my roof and a tower in the 6x7m garden not permitted. You recognize the picture.
Please share me your thoughts on asecond (RX?) antenna.

73 Mark, PA5MW
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Trev, EA5ISZ
Sat Mar 06 2010, 10:59AM
Trev, EA5ISZ

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Hi Mark, perhaps you could try a pair of HB9CV antennas. Reasonably small with a few dB gain and around 90 degree beamwidth. two will give you 180 deg coverage, not complete but you shouldn't miss much Alternatively, if you have space inside your roof, one or more 2 ele quads operate quite well indoors, are quite compact compared to a yagi and cheap to make and, if you have plenty of space, could give you full coverage via a switch or for a single unit a rotator.
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