What coax feeder to use?

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Martin, G0HDB

Sat Feb 20 2010, 07:59PM
Hello all, a couple of days before Christmas I received planning permission for a proposed mast and antennas (for HF and 6m) - a nice present from Santa!!

I've already bought the two antennas - an OptiBeam OBW10-5 for HF and a G0KSC 6M4LFA for 6m - from Vine Antennas and have placed an order with Tennamast for a custom-made wind-up mast that will hopefully be delivered in mid to late March.

The 8.2m-high mast will be attached to a gable end wall above a flat roof, so when the mast is fully elevated the 6m beam on top of the mast plus stub-mast will be at about 13m above ground - should be better than my existing 2-ele Moxon at about 6m agl!

I'm now getting round to considering what coax feeder to use between the ground-floor 'shack' and the two antennas; I reckon the feeder length will be about 18m from antenna to rig.

The Ecoflex 10 coax available from Diode Comms looks interesting and well-suited for HF and 6m use; does anyone have any experience of this, or can anyone offer alternative suggestions for a suitable type of coax to use for my installation?

73 and thanks in advance,
Martin G0HDB
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Mark, CT1FJC
Sun Feb 21 2010, 06:32PM
Mark, CT1FJC
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I use Ecoflex 10 and can recommend it. Makes up easy with the correct connectors. Can copy W7GJ on 6 M EME no problem with a 20 metre run. Cheaper alternative is "7" works well. Both are very flexable around the rotator. GL CU on 6. 73
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David, G8LZE
Tue Feb 23 2010, 02:07PM
David, G8LZE
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I also use Ecoflex 10, it is far better than UR67 and the like. I echo what Mark says in that it is important that you use the correct connectors (Diode can supply them) and use the correct size and thickness of spanners to do them up. I found out to my cost that if you use a spanner that is too thick it can damage the arrangement that secures the threaded locking ring and it can become detached if put under strain and always at the most inconvenient time!
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Dai, G8FXM
Mon Mar 01 2010, 01:22PM

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Does anyone have Diode's web address, cant seem to find it anyware and Googling is unsucessful.
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Adrian, G0KOM
Mon Mar 01 2010, 08:18PM
Adrian, G0KOM
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Richard, G4CZP
Tue May 11 2010, 08:41AM
Richard, G4CZP
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I have just replaced my 6m and 2m antenna feeders with 30 metre runs of Westflex 103 and I'm very happy with the results.
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Stewart, G1HHO
Tue May 11 2010, 06:15PM
Stewart, G1HHO
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Ecoflex is now also supplied by Nevada

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