UKSMG sporadic-E competition for 2007

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THE Six Metre event of the year!

The contest will start at 1200z on Saturday 2nd of June and will end at 1200z on Sunday 3rd (24 hours).


The Place;

Six metres, where else!



There are five sections:

(1) Single operator ( both fixed or portable )

(2) Multi operator ( both fixed or portable )

(3) ALL QRP/Novice stations, maximum 5 Watt

(4) All stations outside Europe

(5) All SWL



A contest exchange consists of:

  • Callsign, RST , UKSMG membership number (if you have one) - note that you must be a current paid-up member of UKSMG to use a membership number. ( All stations MUST exchange the membershipsnumber if one or more of the operators is a current member)
  • Locator (only four characters required, e.g. IO91)
  • Serial numbers are not required.
  • Scoring


    One point is scored per contact plus one additional point if the contact is with a UKSMG member. Multiply this by the total number of countries worked (do not forget your own country!) and then by the total number of locators worked:




    Only one contact with each station is permitted. In the case of SWL's, each Callsign may not appear in the log more than 3 times.

    pecial 25th anniversary callsigns score bonus multipliers which increase according to how many of the special stations you manage to work, as follows:

  • 1 special call = 1 multiplier
  • 2 special calls = 3 multipliers
  • 3 special calls = 5 multipliers
  • 4 special calls = 10 multipliers
  • 5 special calls = 15 multipliers

    (These bonus multipliers are not cumulative – there is a maximum of 15 bonus multipliers available)


    Special Calls


    The following is a list of the special calls that qualify for bonus points:

  • AN7SIX
  • AO7SIX
  • EG7SIX
  • GD5KW
  • SP25SIX
  • TM6MG

    Members Directory


    The following is a list of current UKSMG members that may be used for scoring your entry:

     View the Members Directory here.

    Other Rules



    Other Rules

    The contest is open to all users of 50MHz, whether or not UKSMG members. Use of the DX cluster is permitted, however, 'self-spotting' to solicit contacts during the contest is not allowed.

    It's not allowed to make contest qso's on active or passive reflectors (repeaters or EME ). Meteor scatter or digital modes are allowed as long as all details are exchanged this way.

    Multi-op stations may use the membership number of one of the operators.

    All licence conditions must be observed

    QSOs within your own Continent must be outside the DX Window 50.100-50.130MHz.



    Logs are prefered in adif format but can be in any text format as long as all multipliers and duplicate entries are clearly marked. A checklist of each country, Locator Square and membership number worked/heard must be included with your entry.

    The following declaration must accompany your entry: "All rules governing amateur radio in my country have been adhered to and I agree that the judge's decision is final."

    Entries must be postmarked no later than 10th July 2006 and sent to:

    Entries by email are encouraged - if emailing please address to (Receipt of an email log will be confirmed the same way) Any reasonable file format will be accepted, but adif format is preferred. Make sure that your digital entry contains the callsign used during the contest in the filename so that we can identify the log, eg pa7fm.log, pa7fm.dat or something similar. Also include in your email the text of the declaration referred to in the rules (above). The deadline for email entries is the same as for postal entries.



    Section winners will receive trophies. Certificates of merit will be sent to all winners and to runners-up at the discretion of the committee of the UKSMG. Beside the section winners there will be a few other ‘prices'to win.

  • The "G8VR Shield" donated by Ken, G8VR, will be presented to the winner of the “outside Europe ‘ section of the UKSMG Summer Es contest.
  • The "Treasurer's Tray" donated by Peter, G4IIL, will be presented to the winner of the Shortwave listener's section of the UKSMG Summer Es contest.

  • The "Novice Tray" donated by Alan, GW3LDH, will be presented to the UK Novice station with the highest score in the UKSMG Summer Es contest.
  • If you have any questions, suggestions or whatever regarding UKSMG contests (like what is my membership number ??), don't hesitate to contact me - preferably by Email to the Contest Manager or by snail mail to my postal address (above).


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