The CY9
Sponsorship Page

All DXpeditions are expensive and most amateurs who plan to go to exotic locations to activate them on 6m look to get help in the form of sponsorship. This can be forthcoming in two forms - money or equipment. Mike, VE9AA, is actively looking for sponsorship in both areas from either companies or individuals. This page is dedicated to giving publicity to those companies and individuals that have promised to support the CY9 DXpedition.

We would like to thank the following organisations for their sponsorship and help:

Organisation Sponsors
Organisation What
UK Six Metre Group 500 pounds (approx $750)
SMIRK $500
NCDXF $1000
RSGB/Chiltern DX Club 400 pounds
Dunestar Bandpass Filters Filters
CushCraft Antennas HF + VHF antennas (a50-6 & 17b2)
WJ2O Software 10,000 bi-fold QSL cards
AA Antennas 2 x AA3L-6m 3-ele beams
for beacon antennas
VE1HD, Clarance Forwarding real-time information to
this UKSMG CY9 site.
JPS ANC-4 noise cancellation unit
RadioWorks Carolina Windom 160 antenna
RadioWorks-Carolina Windom160, Coax, rope, connectors
Fredericton Amateur Radio Club
Fredericton DX group
Trinity Communications Cell phone loan.
Heil Sound 2 x headsets

We are also actively collecting personal donations (no matter how small) from individual amateurs. If you would like to make a donation to the CY9 DXpedition and help make it a success you will get your name put up on this web site! So, please send an e-mail now pledging the amount and send the money in cash or check (made out to C.S. Gare) via the post to:

Europe & rest of world: C.S. Gare, G3WOS, 'Old White Lodge', 183 Sycamore Road, Farnborough, GU14 6RF UK.
USA & Canada: Mike Smith VE9AA, 271 Smith Road, Waterville, New Brunswick, E2V 3V6, Canada.

Do it today! - e-mail

Callsign Name
GJ4ICD Geoff
G3WOS Chris
MM0AMW David
PA3BFM Frank
KD4MYE Allen
G3HBR Brian
N8NQS Dave


G0JHC Neil
KE9RO Phil

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