CY9 Update #8 - July 5th

Arrived back in Pictou, NS around 3:09am local time Friday.

Started tearing down at 6am Thursday, and the final thing to be dismantled was the 6m station.

Left the Island aprox. 2pm with a clear sunny day (our first day in the 20'sC)

We made aprox. 12,000 Q's on 6m-160m, with around 275 on 6m. Best dx was ct3ft, w7rv & n5jhv (2m rig took a direct hit from several large breakers down in the channel and was soaked, so we could not get 2m ssb or FM packet qrv)

Beacon was on 50.101MHz virtually 100% of the time, running anywhere from 50w to 500w depending on other station QRM, etc.

Did have EU 48MHz video (at times VERY strong) nearly every day for literally hours at a time.

Heard the eh7/b on 50.006 for 10 seconds one day.

More later, 73 from the Boys of St.Paul,
A tired, cold, wet and bruised group o' guys!

Callbook address for QSL's is not correct for VE9AA
See below for right one.

Michael Smith (ve9aa)
271 Smith Rd, Waterville
Sunbury Co, NB, E2V 3V6

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