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50 - 54 MHZ.

Six Meters Specifications 50 - 54 Mhz

Operates All Amateur Radio Modes

The Commander VHF-1200 is designed for top performance in any Amateur mode of operation.


Reduced ratio (6 to 1) on all tuning controls for smooth and easy tune up

Dual front panel meters monitor grid current, plate current or plate voltage

Silver plated tank coil with teflon support and a high "q" piston tuning capacitor

Effective rear panel adjustable alc

Grid over current trip out with 5 second reset

Hypersil plate transformer

Inrush current protection with solid state relay

Ge lexan front panel surface

Rear panel adjustable tuned input ( l c l circuit)

Contemporary Styling With Ge Lexan Front Panel Surface

The two tone gray colors with accents and nomenclature in contrasting black gives a clean and professional appearance. The GE Lexan front panel provides a tough surface that resists abrasion and wipes clean. All colors and graphics are printed behind the surface so they will last forever.

The Same Commitment To High Quality And Performance

The Commander VHF 1200 was designed and built for those discriminating operators who want the same high quality, performance and ruggedness that goes into every Commander amplifier.

High Power Output Effortlessly

If you like contesting on SSB or simply like to "rag chew" with fellow HAMS the Commander VHF-1200 delivers 1200 Watts PEP output effortlessly. You will be able to deliver a clear, clean, crisp, splatter-free signal. On CW the VHF-1200 delivers up to 1000 Watts output. For all high duty cycle modes you can operate at 700 watts output key down with no time limit.

Adjustable Rear Panel Drive Limiting (Alc)

The VHF -1200 has a rear panel adjustable automatic level control circuit that develops a negative voltage to control the output on most modern transmitters to prevent overdrive.

Fail Safe Tube And Power Supply Protection

Excessive grid current protection is provided with an automatic trip out that places the unit in stand-by if a preset grid current is exceeded. This circuit resets in approx. 2 seconds after the key line opens. Additional tube protection is provided by a fuse in the cathode circuit. A 50 ohm 50 watt resistor in the power supply B+ and a 10 watt 200 ohm resistor in the B- protect the high voltage components in the event of an arc or flash over.

Solid State Relay Provides Inrush Current Protection

Inrush protection is provided with the use of a solid state relay that senses the ac line phase angle and only activates at the sine wave zero crossover point.

Pressurized Chassis Forced Air Cooling

The Commander VHF-1200 utilizes full chassis pressurized forced air cooling. A Dayton 50 CFM blower (mounted in rubber) cools all components, including the high voltage supply. The blower is mounted on the opposite side of the chassis from the exhaust to prevent re-ingestion of hot air. A power resistor in the ac lead slows the speed slightly to allow for less noise.

Adjustable Rear Panel Tuned Input Circuit

We ship each amplifier with the tuned input circuit factory set for a "near perfect match" of 1:1 input between your transmitter and the amplifier. If you should find it necessary to make any adjustments, they can be easily and safely made thru access holes located on the rear panel.

State-Of-The-Art Power Supply

The power supply for the VHF-1200 is identical to the one used on our HF-2500. This power supply will deliver up to 2500 watts input power effortlessly. The primary has been conveniently tapped for 117-200-234 Vac. 50 or 60Hz operation.

The eight 270uf - 450 Wvdc electrolytic filter capacitors have a total capacitance of 33.75uf. These filter caps are of the new polysyllabic type currently used in switching power supply technology. Their reduced size allows them to be placed inside the pressurized cooling airstream for long life.

Standard Tape-Wound Hypersil Power Transformer

The VHF-1200 utilizes a high quality and high performance tape-wound hypersil transformer, the same unit that we sell with our HF-2500 amplifier. Although this may be "overkill" it will deliver noise free operation at full output. In other words you will have to look at the meters to see the output as you will hear no complaint from your VHF-1200. Unlike most other manufacturers, all Commander amplifiers utilize separate filament and control voltage transformers. The main transformer supplies only the high voltage. This insures better power supply regulation which gives you better performance.

Five Year Warranty

The famous Command Technologies commitment to high quality and ruggedness creates high reliability. This has allowed us to stand behind every Commander amplifier with a five year warranty that covers all parts and labor, excluding the tube which is covered by its manufacture. Command Technologies pays 100% of the cost of parts and labor the first year. In the second year you pay only 50% and in the third, fourth and fifth year you pay 75%. A full copy of the warranty is available upon request.

Factory Direct Sales And Service

All Commander amplifiers are made in the USA by hams for hams. That’s who you will deal with here at the factory. No "middle man" and no Dealer mark up... just one of the biggest values in linears with more performance, ruggedness, reliability, and quality than any other. All Commander amplifiers are made the way you would want to make it if you were making it for yourself.

Why You Should Buy A Commander Amplifier

In a word, value. The Commander amplifiers combine quality, performance, and ruggedness in one powerful package. Their unique design, using only top quality materials, insures not only your operating enjoyment but your long term satisfaction. The loud and clear reports you will receive along with no complaints from operators on adjacent frequencies will make you one of those discriminating operators that others will admire.

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