Low Loss Japanese Coaxial cable
Issue 35 Six News, October 1992

Loss compared to RG-213We have talked a lot in SIX NEWS about having as good an antenna system as you can manage to get the best out of six metres. So why go out and spend many tens of pounds (if not hundreds if you look at page 27?) to get an extra one or two dBs of forward gain only to lose a high percentage of it in the feed cable?

I would like to bring members attention to one of the world's best kept secret. This is Japanese coaxial cable manufactured by Kansai Tsushin Densen. This family of cables is wonderous for two main reasons:

* They offer very low attenuation comparable to that of famous Andrews' Heliax™ and 8D-FB is almost half that of standard RG-213 for an equivalent diameter!

* They are very, very, flexible. You can bend the 8D-FB (RG-213 equivalent) around a 2.54 cm diameter pipe - try doing that with Heliax!

The secret of their success is a foam polyethylene core combined with TWO outer conductors. The first is sheet copper foil, on top of which is a substantial copper braid as shown in the photograph below.

There are three cable types in the family:

In August 1996 the price of these cables are:

5D-FB - 0.85 pounds sterling per metre
8D-FB - 1.95 pounds sterling per metre
10D-FB - 2.75 pounds sterling per metre

The cables are available from:

Nevada Communications Ltd,
189 Portsmouth Road,
Portsmouth Hants,
e-mail: info@nevada.co.uk
web site: www.nevada.co.uk
tel: (44) 1705 662145
fax: (44) 1705 690626

Why not call Nevada,. this stuff is unbeatable - give them a call today!

If you do call, tell them you got the information from the UKSMG Shopping Mall!

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