Bits & Pieces from the web

From time to time we come across some interesting stuff on the Internet that may be of interest to 6m operators. When we do we will post it here!

VK3ALM's TV Transmitter map of New Zealand (May 1997)
VK3ALM's Location of VK Beacons & High Power TV TXs in Australia (Jan 1999)
Frequency List of Australian TV Transmitters (1997)
A Strategy for 6m Beacons by Adam Maurier, VK3ALM (July 1997)
The Pacific Rim DX Radio Frequency List (Dec 1999)

A source of modified SB-220 amplifiers for 6m - these are capable of running over 1kW (Aug 1996)
The Linear Amp UK 'Discovery' 1kW 6m amplifier (Sep 1996)
The 6m Beacon Project by Lawrence GJ3RAX (Oct 1997)
Hi-power TX Stub Filter (March 98)
Power and Protection for your Tetrode PA (June 1998)
Review of the Yaesu FT-847 (July 1998)
Icom IC-575A/575H Transceiver modification to allow 'scanning' with the 'squelch' open (Jan 1999)
Taking the Earth's Magnetic Pulse - A brilliant new design for a magnetometer! (Jan 1999)
Geoff GJ4ICD's Compact 8877 50MHz Amplifier (now hosted on
GM3WOJ 50MHz 8877 amplifier
The 37 m long Antenna of JH2COZ
WD7S's combine 2 / 6 amplifier 
The new Yaesu FTV-1000 6m transverter (August 2000)
The new Acom HF & 6m Amplifier (August 2000)
G3WOS's 6m 8877-baseed DXpedition amplifier

Full technical details of M2 Enterprises series of 6m beams (Oct 1996)
W7GJ's 13-element Yagi - construction details (off-site) (Jan 1998)
Full details of K6QXY's 6m EME array & other info including details of an EME listening test! (Nov 1996)
JM1SZY 9 element 6m 36' boom
N6CA - 8 element yagi 41' boom
Stacking 6m Antennas (G3SEK's site)

KS0F on Managing 6m Interference (Sep 1996)

JW worked in the UK! (see the QSL card, here a QSO, and here the beacon (Oct 1996)
DXpeditioners in Europe! Need an idea of where to go, then look no further! (Jan 1997)
Let's Focus on OX! (May 1997)
50th Anniversary of the World Record QSO (Part 1) by Eric VK5LP (July 1997)
The Code of Operating Practice for 6m Operators (August 1999)
K7RAT's 50 MHz E.M.E. Page
Jimmy, W6JKV and  Dick, K5AND in VP2E in July 1999
An Ode to 50.110
Split Operations - When and How - an EXCELLENT article for DX operators!

Great sunspot cycle graphs - brilliant! (Nov 1996)
3C5 propagation in 1998 (January 1999)
European Beacon Map
Scatter Paths from JA

Sound Recordings:
VK2FLR VHF DX Sound Archives

UK County abbreviation list (Nov 1996)
The complete list of DXCC winners from the ARRL! (March 1999)
The State of 6m in ZL in July 1997 by Bob McQuarrie ZL3TY (July 1997)
Sic Meters - The Tragic Band?

50 Years on 50 Megs by Steve, VK3OT and Eric, VK5LP (Dec 1996)
The History of VHF in Japan (October 1997)
A history of 50MHz in the UK

Weak Signal communications, software by K1JT

Chris, G3WOS's Trips:
G3WOS's trip to Japan in October 1997 (Nov 1997)
G3WOS's trip to Sydney in December 1997 (Jan 1998)
The 1998 UK 6m DXer's meal (Feb 1998)
Jimmy, W6JKV's BBQ in Austin Texas! (Oct 98)
W6JKV & K6MYC's Oct. 1999 Trip to J6
G3WOS as VP8DBL in the Falkland Islands - April 2000
G3WOS as ZD8SIX on Ascension - November 2000

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