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The Committee of the UKSMG

The Committee of the UKSMG
Chris-G4IFX, Cliff-G4FVP, Chris-G3WOS, Mike-G3OIL, Dennis-PE1PZS, Iain-G0RDI

Our Chairman Cliff-G1IOV was unable to attend as he was visiting the hospital
where his wife was expecting their second child - it turned out to be a false alarm!

Introduction - Chris, G3WOS (Vice Chairman) [ 1:53 minutes ]
The Chairman's Talk - Chris, G3WOS (Vice Chairman) [ 4:53 minutes ]
The Six News Editor's Talk - Chris, G4IFX (Six News Editor) [ 1:12 minutes ]
The Treasurer's Talk - Mike, G3OIL (Treasurer) [ 5:21 minutes ]
The UKSMG Strategy Presentation - Clive, G4FVP (Commitee Member) [ 7:27 minutes ]
The Presentation of Awards - Iain, G4RDI (Secretary) [ 7:17 minutes ]

pa3ff_tankard.jpg (18362 bytes) Annual Membership Growth

Frank, PA3FF receiving his tankard from Iain, G0RDI

Yellow = non-UK members, Red = UK members

jersey_trophy.jpg (17182 bytes) g4fvp_pres.jpg (13395 bytes)

Clive, G4FVP showing the Jersey Trophy

Clive, G4FVP giving his strategy talk

The Audience of the AGM

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